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Come EAT, DRINK & B'MARI with us!

Check out our calendar to see if your event date/time is available. 

  • How large is the venue and what is the capacity?
    B'Mari Event Studio provides over 1400 square feet of event space. We can accommodate up to 75 seated guest with tables, chairs and dance area inside with a DJ or live band. We can accommodate up to 125 guests- seated only. B'Mari also provides 2 outdoor patios with a gazebo. We are more than happy to work with you to design an event for whatever size party you choose. In addition to our event venue, our art studio is conveniently connected next door if additional space is needed. Advance notice required.
  • How long can we stay at the venue?
    This all depends on how long you rent the venue. Rental blocks range from four to five hours with additional time available to purchase for $75 per hour.
  • How much time should I allow for my vendors to set-up and tear-down?
    This will really depend on your event and is a great conversation to have with your caterer, the vendors. Keep in mind the amount of time you have allocated. Most vendors typically arrive 1 hour prior to the event
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Absolutely no outside alcohol is permitted. Any violators will be immediately escorted off of the property. B'Mari is a licensed alcohol provider and offers a cash bar and custom beverage packages as well. Please call for a consult with our event manager.
  • Can I decorate the space?
    Yes! We want you to customize the space to be what you want it to be. We only ask that you leave it as you found it. If you do decide to utilize the walls by hanging things or for decoration purposes, we require that you talk to us about your plans beforehand and incur the costs to put the space back to its original form.
  • Does the art stay up during the event or can I remove it?
    The majority of the art is meant to stay up during the event. We can organize to have art taken down for your event. Keep in mind it will be at your cost, using our vendors.
  • Is there outside space? And do we have access to it?
    Yes, there is outside space that you can access. We just ask that you stay within the area provided.
  • Is your building wheelchair accessible?
    Yes! We have a paved, flat entrance from our parking lot.
  • Who can I talk to for venue needs on the day of event?
    There will be a B'Mari representative on site during your event that can help you with all your needs.
  • Are we required to use your preferred vendors?
    No,while we strongly recommend that you use our preferred vendors for the full B'Mari Experience, you are not required to use them. If you choose vendors please review our policy with them.
  • Are we required to clean the venue following the event?
    We have a cleaning crew come in after your event but we require that you take all of your personal belongings and have all your vendors clean up before we send our cleaning crew in.
  • What vendors do you provide for the event?
    We provide catering, photography, DJ services, decorating, live entertainment and AV teams that you can use. We highly recommend our preferred vendors for the best B'Mari Experience!
  • Can you hold a date for me?
    We are happy to hold a date for you. If you wish to hold a date, we require 50% of the deposit, which will be applied to your total event cost. Please note, all deposits are non-refundable and you will only be allowed to reschedule an event 1 time only within 6 months after your initial event date. Rescheduled events are also subject to our availability. All events are required to be paid in full (7) days prior to the event date or the event will face cancellation. No exceptions. Though events are non-refundable, we do allow a one time reschedule date for those who have paid in full or those who have paid a deposit prior to their event.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    No, once you make your deposit the date and time is blocked for your event.
  • When do we have to pay our balance?
    Your initial balance is paid at the time of booking. You are required to pay your balance (7) days prior to your event to avoid cancellation.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes! B'Mari has parking spots dedicated to the building and an abundance of street parking.
  • Do you require a damage deposit?
    There is no damage deposit required, however we require to have a valid credit card and signature on file that will be used to cover any outstanding charges or damages.
  • Is furniture included with our rental?
    Yes! The furniture that is in the space is included in the rental. You are more than welcome to arrange the furniture however you would like or we can remove it for you at no additional charge.
  • Do you have tables and chairs for our event?
    Yes! Tables and chairs are provided for up to 50 guests any additional tables and chairs will incur rental fees. Please see our pricing list to see what we provide.
  • Where can guests smoke?
    Guests can utilize the outdoor areas to smoke. There is absolutely no smoking inside the facility.
  • Do you allow candles?
    Yes! We allow votive candles, which are enclosed in glass, in easily monitored places.
  • Do you have a speaker & Mic system for iPods or speeches?
    Yes! We have a Bluetooth speaker & system.
  • Do you have a projector/TV for slide shows or presentations?
    B'Mari has 2 75"Smart TV's. We can help with slideshows and presentations.
  • Do we need event insurance?
    This is always a good idea and in some cases will be required. It will be on a case by case basis and we will let you know if you need it.
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