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Growing up a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I have always enjoyed celebrating special events with my family and friends. Once my son Zymire was born I became quite creative in organizing his birthday parties. Well, that led to me coordinating events for many others through the years from weddings to funerals. After years of working in the public and private sector as a Project Manager and Career Development Trainer, I decided to pursue my hobby full time. When I first started I catered events enhanced with decor and provided impeccable customer service which was always the cherry on top! Prior to establishing a brick and mortar, I knew I wanted the name of my business to be meaningful. I thought about the women in my family who had made strides in entrepreneurship. I didn't have to look far because as a child I recall my mom Marianna embarking on several business ventures from dental consulting to real estate. One day as I was preparing for an event in my kitchen, she said I'll just wait till you finish so that I can just "Eat...Drink & B'Mari". I immediately knew at that moment what I would name my business. Since creating B'Mari Events, I used my creative abilities to successfully create countless parties, make ideas come alive, and create breathtaking memories with my fabulous team. My fetish for creating memories & great service is perfectly combined to create a dynamic atmosphere for guests. As an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, I have orchestrated several events for city officials in Clayton County and Georgia abroad; designed decor for dream weddings; worked with reputable companies for their corporate events; with class and detail.


My creative nature and dedication to my passion have allowed me to serve thousands in Atlanta and surrounding areas with my one of kind designs for all types of clients. B'Mari is not just about putting together events; B'Mari creates luxurious experiences guaranteed to be remembered for years to come. 

I welcome you to come Eat...Drink & B'Mari!

Thank you,

Tammary T. Scott, Owner |CEO

B'Mari Events & Art Studio



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